Voip Phone Options


Mobility – VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.  With the Vertical Summit you can use your existing internet to connect your phone system to anywhere in the world with VOIP technology. This can give you an office extension in a another building, city or even on your smart phone while roaming.

Lower monthly phone bill – The internet connection also will give you the option of getting low cost SIP trunks to replace your normal phone lines. The monthly cost of SIP service can be up to %50 less than what the local phone company charges per line. Click here for pricing on the SIP trunks.

To use any VOIP/internet features, your internet needs to be good quality. It doesn’t need to be the fastest, just reliable. We will do prior testing to make sure its good enough to use for VOIP. Your router may also need to be replaced if it isn’t compatible with the VOIP protocols.


Voip can add some setup complexity and is slightly less reliable because if your router goes out you also loose your phones. In critical businesses, the Vertical Summit can use analog and voip at the same time so if the internet fails, you can still send and receive calls on the analog lines.

VOIP phones require a cat5/ethernet jack and  a power outlet if your network doesn’t have POE. They typically cost more per phone so if you don’t need it for a remote location, the standard Vertical phones will cost less. The Vertical Summit comes with 2 VOIP ports but can be expanded to 48 ports if needed.

VOIP phone prices include local installation but does not include remote (travel) installation or router programming. Add $15 ea. for power adapter if your network doesn’t have POE. All Vertical VOIP phones have an extra ethernet port so it can share the wall jack with a computer.

4 Button IP Speaker phone – $193

30 Button Full Duplex IP speaker phone – $300

UCS Mobil app. for Android/Iphone uses WIFI or Mobile data – $215 (2 free)

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