Used Phone options

It may seem odd but our competition often sells used phone systems to very large and hi-end customers as part of a pre arranged service contract. (they went with the lowest bidder). Many of our local customers purchase used phones for their old systems that are discontinued. We can offer used phones with a new Summit to keep the cost down and still give you every feature on a modern system.

Phones don’t really wear out and the hardware in the phones is pretty tough and takes a good coffee spill or lightning strike to kill them.

Used and refurbished are basically the same. Refurbished usually have new cords and a new paper button template.

Used phones are usually under $100 and will have a 1 year warranty.

Sales and Tech Specials

The new 9224 digital phone is out and will be the most popular model. It has better button labels and a stand up base configuration, price is $300 installed.

There has been a lot of interest in using used phones with the new summit system to save on initial costs. The Vodavi 3015 phones are robust and have been around for a while so there are many used ones in great shape available.

I have assorted used speakerphones as usually around $100 installed. Inventory changes so contact me to see what is currently available.