Sip Pricing

Pricing for SIP Trunking phone service

  • Professional Technologies has partnered with Intermedia to offer SIP phone service for the Vertical Summit phone systems.
  • SIP is a standardized version of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) available from many providers nationwide.
  • Intermedia is a certified SIP provider able to offer local Evanston service.
  • Intermedia offers several affordable options that keep your communication costs in line with your business needs. Whether your business rarely uses the phone or relies completely on it, one of the three plans is right for you.

$24.95 per month per line UNLIMITED PLAN

Unlimited long distance minutes

Unlimited local minutes

Choose this plan if… You need unlimited local and long distance and you want predictable monthly bills.

$16.95 per month per line BUNDLED PLAN

300 long distance minutes (per line – all lines pool together)

Unlimited local minutes

Choose this plan if… You primarily make local calls (Additional long distance minutes are billed at 2.9 cents per minute)

$4.95 per month per line METERED PLAN

1.39 cents long distance minutes

0.99 cents local minutes inbound and outbound

Choose this plan if… You prefer “pay as you go” or need lots of lines for busy periods but don’t talk very much per month.

  • No contract, 2-lines minimum, all lines must be on the same plan.
  • Internet quality testing will be done before ordering any new services, router upgrade may be necessary ($100) if existing router is not VOIP friendly.
  • Call quality is clearer than analog phone service but any problems with your internet connection could cause dropped calls or missing voice packets.


  • Vertical Summit systems work with Analog and SIP service simultaneously so transition between providers is seamless and you are not locked in to any service provider permanently.

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